HTTP-Hyper Text Transfer Protocol-to transfer data over the www
HTTPS- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure-Secured version of http
FTP -File Transfer Protocol-to transfer file over the Network
TCP/IP -Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol-Communication and delivery of packets through network
SMTP -Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolPOP -Post Office Protocol
IMAP-Internet Message Access Protocol-For receiving email message
SNMP -Simple Network Management  Protocol-Network Management

 HT = High Tension   

 LT = low tension  

 ACB = Air Circuit Breaker  

VCB = vacuum Circuit breaker  

SF6= Sulphur Hexafluoride Circuit Breaker  

MCP = Motor Control Panel 

MCB = Miniature Circuit 

MCCB = Moulded Case Circuit Breaker 

MPCB = Motor Protection Circuit Breaker 

RCCB = Residual Current Circuit Breaker  

ELCB = Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker 

HRC = Fuse High Rupture Capacity Fuse  

UPS = Un-Interrupted Power Supply 

JB = Junction Box  

PB = Push Button 

Some extra Important QuestionsRelated to calcium:

The most abundant metal in the human body
Ans: Calcium
The compound of calcium used to make a bandage, statues are
Ans: Plaster of Paris
The composition of coral reefs is caused by Calcium carbonate

The compound used in toothpaste as the polishing agent
Ans: Calcium carbonate
The most abundant chemical substance in cement
Ans: Calcium oxide
The compound which is regulating the setting time of cement
Ans: Gypsum
The product obtained after heating the gypsum at 125°C is  
Ans: Plaster of Paris
The compound which is used in the process of manufacturing cement
Ans: Limestone
The product obtained when limestone is heated
Ans: Quicklime and Carbon dioxide
 The permanent hardness of water is caused by
Ans: Calcium Sulphate and Calcium Chloride

 The process used to remove the permanent hardness of water
Ans: Distillation or adding Washing soda
The process used to remove the temporary hardness of water
Ans: Heating or adding lime
When quick lime is mixed with Carbon dioxide it turns into
Ans: Milky color
The compound used for producing a lime mixture
Ans: Calcium Compound
The chemical name of Chalk
Ans: Calcium Carbonate

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